It was not my joke she was laughing at
Do ducks eat grass as food?
The discovery that a double espresso tastes different than a single
The Burger Bar - Customized burgers!
Beer, a friend, some free time, talks and some more beer
The burger master made burgers for us
Must eat another cheesecake... even if my belly will explode
I hate sharing mango cheesecake
Looking outside and wishing it was 17:30 already
This heavy thing just appeared overnight
I wish his headphones were mine
The 67th time I just missed the tram here
Discussing Haagen-Dazs in Haagen-Dazs
She's armed with skates and more skill than me
The boats at Michigan Lake I will never own
Vintage 4-packs doesn't make them cheaper
Sexy curves is what we're all drinking from
I bet the iPods in this vending machine aren't preloaded with music
Looking at the sky in Bryant Park
Exploring the NY Public Library
A discussion into the dark